How to Use Your Ares™ Stick

Thanks for shopping with us! We appreciate your purchase and we hope you enjoy your new Ares™ Stick!


Apple iOS Device

  1. Download and install i-FlashDeviceHD.
  2. Plug in your Ares™ Stick. 
  3. Open i-FlashDeviceHD application.
    • Move Photos and Videos, click on Album.
        • Select the Photos and Videos to save.
        • Click, Done.
        • Choose, Device Storage.
        • Click, Paste.
    • Backup your Contacts list, click on Backup.
        • GREEN Backup - copies your contacts to your flash drive.
        • RED Backup - recovers the contacts from your flash drive.
    • Music icon
        • View and Play music from your Apple music library or flash drive storage.
    • Recorder icon
        • Record sounds and save it in your flash drive.
    • Camera icon and Video icon
        • Take photos and videos and save it in your flash drive.
    • Your Apple device local files. Shows the available capacity over the total capacity.
        • Your Ares™ Stick flash drive. Shows the available capacity over the total capacity. 

        Android Device (Micro USB)

        1. Plug in your Ares™ Stick.
        2. Open Device Storage Management.
        3. Select and Copy the files that you would like to save in your flash drive.
        4. Move the files from your local storage to your flash drive.


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